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The heart you must Destroy

The spirit of Alise gunderic is trapped in the Gunderic Manor. She has asked you to find and destroy the artiface that binds her soul to this world====

Quest giverEdit

Go into the manor go up the stairs take a left. Keep going straight until you enter anther room (all the doors should be shut). go to the very far room and the one on the right should open. Go into that room and you'll find Alise and can get the quest.

the quest will lead you to a door that you cannot open but asks you a password. if you guess over and over about 5-6 times he will let you through. Edit

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Quest giver (after destroying the heart)


Just keep doing the 'Gunderic manor' quest until you get the lever and open the locked door with it. then go into the room and straight up the stairs. There will be three doors.( The one leading straight is the boss room,one on the right is a loot room, The door on the left is where the heart is). Once you go into the room you'll find a heart (the person in your group will say its a bad idea to destroy). Choose to destroy or keep it there.

  • If you destroy it you will free her but make the boss more powerful
  • If you don't then you will fight a weaker boss (and not be done with the quest yet)

Plz note:*** if you don't destroy you can go back and destroy it after you killed the boss and the quest will be done. Nothing more will happen other than the ghost thanking you*******

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