The Air Elemental Minion is an enemy encountered at the end of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

Description Edit

These spirits were bound to a material existence by the elemental magic of the Great Clock. An great Air Elemental and two minions were compelled by the Shadowjumper to attack the Hero of Arhok, simply to buy time.

This creature is a massed congelation of air and vapors shaped into a head, torso, and huge, powerful arms. While the master can employ spellcraft through its arms, the minions must rely on closing the distance to their prey and swinging.

Combat Edit

The three Air Elementals (one primal and two minions) can deal heavy damage, and it is very hard to kite against them due to their speed and the master's long range. Unless you are satisfied with drinking your way through the fight, it is worthwhile to try to isolate the party member(s) being attacked and get the others into supportive positions at a distance.

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