The scribe Algher Mhankur, wearing a Hassat skin robe

Algher Mhankur is a Utraean scribe, and possible companion in Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

As a Companion Edit

Algher is the sixth companion encountered. He can be found within the Underground City of Mhakesha, near the exit up to the Fen of the Frozen. He is first seen behind a cave-in, where he is knocked unconscious by a group of Hassat; the party must find an alternate route around the rocks before they can reach him. Algher is equally skilled in melee and ranged combat when first recruited, although he only has a bow in his inventory.

Biography Edit

Algher Mhankur

Algher Mhankur, moments before being attacked by the Hassat

Algher Mhankur is the brother of Ezmera, and lived in Illicor as a scribe until joining Therg the Historian's expedition to the underground ruins of Mhakesha. He and his partner, Jharmaya, discovered the Stone of Lhaoc deep within the ancient city, but were attacked by the Hassat, who stole the Stone. When they discovered that the Shadowjumper and his minions were also somewhere in the ruins, Jharmaya quit, and chased after the Hassat carrying the Stone, as well as the vile Shadowjumper who held the Staff of Stars.

Algher was eventually rescued from the lower levels by the Hero of Arhok and their party, who had been sent to find him by Ezmera. He joined them in their quest to stop the Shadowjumper's evil plans, as well as to recover the Stone of Lhaoc.