The Alpine Caverns are the upper section of the cave system known as Fedwyrr's Way, which runs through the mountains of northern Ehb. The Subterranean River lies below the caverns. The entrance is located in the mountains north of the town of Glacern, and is signified by a large stone door, marked with ancient runes. The cave's exit leads to a small valley, where Jeriah's Trading Post is located.

The frigid network of caves has become a lair for many local creatures over the centuries, including white wolves, furoks, and braak. It is even said that elemental beings of animated ice lurk within the depths of the Alpine Caverns.

At the very heart of the cave lies the massive skeleton of a strange, dragon-like creature with three horns, which dwarfs even the five-hundred year old beast of Dragon's Rathe, the dragon Scorch.

At the time of the Seck Resurgence, the 10th Legion's Grand Mage Merik was suspended within a block of magical ice deep within these caves. The future Lady Montbarron and her group entered the Alpine Caverns, and were able to rescue him from this fate.

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