Ancient Corpse

An ancient corpse

An Ancient Corpse is an undead enemy encountered in Dungeon Siege I


An Ancient Corpse is a corpse drawn from its long slumber by evil and equally ancient magic. The Ancient corpse is a poor mimicry of its earlier form, riddled with rot and held together by magic, what is left of its clothes and wrappings in which the corpse was buried in the Ancient is a slouching and utterly repellent form of undead. Assuredly preserved well enough by its entombment or funeral preservation's, the Ancient Corpse has retained enough of its physical form to make it viable for necromancy and resurrection despite its old age. 


The Ancient Corpse is a slow lumbering undead humanoid which poses little threat to the player and his/her party. The Ancient attacks by clumsily swinging its arms at you, whilst not particularly powerful, this attack does more damage than its counterpart the Walking Corpse, the Ancient also has more health than the other variations of his form. Can be easily dealt with from range or by cleaving his rotting body in two with your melee weapons.