The nature mage Andiemus, wearing thin scale armor

Andiemus is a possible companion in Dungeon Siege.

As a Companion Edit

Andiemus can be found in a cabin deep within the Eastern Swamp. He can be recruited for 98,880 gold. He is specialized in nature magic when first hired.

Biography Edit

When a group of Goblins robbed Phaedriel, stealing the prize money for her archery contest, Andiemus gave chase. He was able to track them into the Eastern Swamp, but found the place getting more and more dangerous, locking himself inside a cabin to keep safe.

Andiemus was overjoyed to see other humans when the future Lady Montbarron's party discovered him around the time of the Seck Resurgence. They hired his services, and found the Goblin hideout where the Staff of Stars had been taken soon after.