Arakun spider

Two Arakun Spiders; one intact, one dismembered.

The Arakun Spider is an arachnid foe encountered in Dungeon Siege.


Arakun Spiders are encountered within the ruins of Wesrin Cross. An ancient curse cast over the ancient fortress by the Seck is said to draw them to the place in great numbers.

They appear as large arachnids with dark legs, and a flesh-colored abdomen and head.


The Arakun Spider has only one attack, which is to leap at its foe and bite it with its sharp fangs. It is capable of repeating this fairly quickly, so if they are ignored they can chip a fair amount of health away, or possibly kill a weaker party member who is providing a support role (i.e. a nature magician providing healing). One must be vigilant, and keep an eye for them, as they can appear from almost anywhere, such as drainage grates and webbing.