The continent of Aranna

Aranna is the continent upon which most of the Dungeon Siege series takes place. One of the major power players of old was the Empire of Stars, although much more ancient empires predated it, including that of the Utraeans and that of the Agallan giants.

The southeastern portion of Aranna is dominated by the Plain of Tears, the great wasteland left over after the legendary clash between Azunai and Zaramoth there. The Goblin realm of Gonsiir lies south of this region, while the Northern Reaches stretch out from the desert's northernmost border. The mountainous lands near the very heart of the continent hide the Elven homeland of the Vai'lutra Forest, where sits the town of Aman'lu. The former capital of the Empire of Stars, Iliyara, can be found sitting at the heart of a lake known as the Chalice of the Stars, near the heart of the Northern Reaches; and the archipelago known as the Broken Lands sits just off the northeastern coast of the continent.

To the west lies the lands of Lescanza, Mazal, and Rowan, of which little is known. Following the Iron Coast further west, along the northern edge of the Aranoi Desert, is the mountainous region where the town of Arhok is located. Beyond the northwest coast of Aranna lies the tropical Isle of Utrae. On the southern edge of the Aranoi Desert, one finds the kingdom of Ehb, and the Utraean Peninsula, which both sit along the continent's southwestern coast. Greilyn Isle, the home of the Dryads, once sat in the ocean between Ehb's eastern border and the westernmost shores of the Plain of Tears, but the island was swallowed by the sea during the Second Cataclysm.