Arch Wardess Feliene was the mother of the future Hero of Arhok and husband to Grand Magus Orrin. She left the town of Arhok on an expedition to the Island of the Utraeans twenty years prior to the events of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna. As an Arch Wardess, Feliene was skilled with a bow and with nature magic.

It is unknown what sparked the need for the expedition, but she and her husband both regretted not being able to watch their child grow up in Arhok, writing them a final letter saying that one day they would be remembered as the Hero of Arhok themselves.

Thanks to Ashley's translations of the Utraean writings, the party managed to find and enter the Halls of the Lost. However, it was overrun with spiders. Feliene lent her bow to Cass so she could hold them off and escape but it led to Cass' unfortunate demise.[1]

Arriving on the Island, Feliene was amazed by the variety of flora and fauna on the island, since Arhok was covered in snow for the majority of the year. Here they first discovered both the Utraeans and their enemies, the Zaurask. The expedition was attacked on the beach and K'Thon was killed. Feliene dropped her pack and shield, losing them both in her failed attempt to save K'thon. Taking up the Utraeans plight, she vowed to assist them in preventing the capture of Fortress Emarard by the lizard king Nossirom.[2]

Feliene soon began to suspect the honesty of the Utraeans. They insisted that the Zaurask had always been native to the island, but pottery and emblems in Utraeans homes seem to have depicted otherwise. Feliene also later began to express concerns about how the hot jungle heat was affecting them, since they were so used to the frigid cold of Arhok. Alysa was shortly killed in an ambush and Syrd's mind snapped, making him run off into the jungle. Only Kraal, Orrin and herself remained now. The party was ambushed by one of Nossiroms offspring, a lizard of massive size. Feliene ran her sword through him, but it became stuck and she was forced to abandon it.[3]

Feliene's last journal page indicates that she forsaw battle with Nossirom himself soon at the great fortress. After endless days of fighting, the party managed to gain the upper hand against the Zaurask horde and fought their way straight into the courtyard itself to face Nossirom. Unfortunately however, she was run through by his lance and died in battle.[4]

Feliene was entombed in Fortress Emarard by the Utraeans alongside her husband, Orrin, in honor of their sacrifice for the Utraean people. Her tomb would later be rediscovered by the Hero of Arhok.

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