History Edit

Archons were servants of the creator gods, acting primarily as messengers. They served the creator gods for many years before the creator gods' mysterious fall. It seems that their memories were wiped at this point, for their earliest remaining memories are of waking with a terrible sense of loss and not knowing where their gods were. They spent thousands of years searching many worlds for their gods, but found only one remnant: a seed in the Mournweald. This was discovered by Jeyne Kassynder's mother, the current First Sister, and then apparently rediscovered by Jeyne herself. By the time of Dungeon Siege III, there are very few archons left; the few that remain fight for Jeyne in her attempt to conquer Ehb.

Description Edit

All archons are female. They consider themselves sisters and call their leader First Sister. It is implied that they do not eat, rather drawing energy from fire. In their human forms, they appear as beautiful women who look mostly ordinary, except for their golden eyes and faint tattoo-like markings on their foreheads. Their favored human form weapons are spears and staffs, although they also use martial arts moves. In their fire forms, they also appear as beautiful women, but are clearly not human. Their eyes are golden as in their human forms; however, their hair is made of billowing flame, they have black skin, and they are naked, covered only with golden tattoos or tattoo-like markings. Also, archons float off the ground when in fire form.

Notable Archons Edit




Jeyne Kassynder (half archon)

Jeyne Kassynder's mother

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