Black Skrubb

A Black Skrubb

Black Skrubbs are a low level enemy encountered in the earlier stages of Dungeon Siege.


Black Skrubbs are variants of the Standard Skrubbs encountered. They appear as a larger and more powerful form of Skrubb, possibly tainted by magic. They have the same attack as regular skrubbs which is to vomit a highly acidic stomach bile at the player, they only boast a slightly higher stat set than their lesser kin. 


They can be easily killed if your party attacks in unison and if you are caught alone against one then a ranged attack is advised as the Skrubbs bile attack is fairly slow moving which can give players time to dodge it's attacks. You may have to retreat slightly though as Skrubbs trigger when you are fairly close or in their attacking range, they make their presence known with a very similar screech to regular skrubbs but in a much deeper tone.

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