Boryev is a Lescanzi warlock, and possible companion in Dungeon Siege.

As a Companion Edit

Boryev can be found directly beyond the exit of the Temple Ruins. He can be recruited for 388,690 gold. He is highly skilled in combat magic, and has some ability with melee weapons when first hired.

Biography Edit

Boryev is the nephew of Nong and cousin of Sikra. He is a Lescanzi nomad.

When Sikra was kidnapped during the Seck Resurgence, it was Boryev that immediately gave chase through the Dark Forest. He came very close to actually reaching her, but found an undead army, led by the necromancer Gresh, blocking the way. Boryev turned his spells against the Seck, but the 10th Legion soldiers within Fortress Kroth refused to let him inside because he was not a native of Ehb.