Braak Mage

A Braak Mage

The Braak Mage is a smaller variant of Braak that uses magic to assault its foes, rather than melee attacks. They can be found throughout the forests of Frostspire Mountain in northern Ehb, and the snowy mountains of the Utraean Peninsula.

Attacks Edit

Braak Mage Casting

A Braak Mage attacks

The Braak Mage toss glittering balls of magical energy at enemies, which arc upward slightly, then move forward fairly quickly. These attacks are not much of a threat on their own, but when a large group casts in unison, the sheer amount of them can overwhelm ill-prepared adventurers.

The spell appears to be similar to the level 24 Nature Magic spell Iceblast crossed with Level 6 Dancing Zap. Players can not acquire this attack without modding.

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