Brae Eldric is a male inhabitant of Grescal. He has average blonde hair, and wears dark grey pants and a greed shirt wth a tan vest and tan stripes on the arm. He can be found at the center of the Northern side of Grescal with Damog Skytrider and Calixtica D'Orly .


  • It's said that you can reach the town of Hiroth far to the west of here, but who would be fool enough to set out into the Desert for a trip that takes weeks of travel? One good sandstorm and your a goner.
  • (If you ask for directions) you want directions? Ha! Grescal is surrounded by desert; you can't go anywhere from here and expect to survive the elements. If you really want to leave, go through the Basilicus. You can find the portal to it on the western edge of the village.

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