Calixtica D'Orly is a female inhabitant of Grescal. She has very dark brown hair in a ponytail, and wear blue pants and a green shirt with a purple stripe at the top and a purple stripe in the middle. She can be found in the center of the northern end of town, with Brae Eldric and Damog Skytrider .


  • I had a strange dream last night. I was lost in the Endless Desert and came upon two huge pyramids! I entered the first and found myself in a dim hallway that seemed to go on forever. I must have been nearing the end, because I heard seagulls and waves lapping at a shore ... I saw sunlight at the end of the tunnel, growing brighter and brighter... and then I awoke.
  • (If you ask for directions) you want directions? Ha! Grescal is surrounded by desert; you can't go anywhere from here and expect to survive the elements. If you really want to leave, go through the Basilicus. You can find the portal to it on the western edge of the village.

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