Captain Tarish

Tarish and his lieutenant take a much needed breather

Captain Tarish was the commanding officer of Fortress Kroth during the Seck Resurgence in Ehb. He lost 182 10th Legionnaires when Gresh besieged the fort, a tragedy that might have been prevented if not for the negligence of a scout who believed that people would call him crazy for reporting the presence of Seck in the woods several weeks prior to the attack. It wasn't until the future Lady Montbarron and her reinforcements arrived, killing Gresh and his undead minions, that the siege was lifted.

He notified them that the Seck and their Droog allies had carried a woman, later revealed to be the Lescanzi witch Sikra, into the Hall of Skulls beneath the fortress. He tasked these reinforcements with nullifying the army of Droog that still threatened them from the Cliffs of Fire to the south.

He was justifiably grouchy by the time reinforcements had rescued the beleaguered fortress.