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Found in Andiemus' inventory when he is recruited as a party member.

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Designed by engineers of the 10th Legion, Castle Ehb was deemed to be the only impenetrable castle outside the Palace of Night in the Empire of Stars. Built on a massive hill of solid granite, flanked by the ancient dragon of Dragon's Rathe, and commanding a view for miles in all directions, the castle was declared by Legion commander Karese Noanni to be 'the most perfect thing made by human hands I've ever seen.'

Originally occupied by soldiers of the 10th Legion, it is now the principal residence of the crowned ruler of the Kingdom of Ehb. Below the palace levels of the royal family, the Legion quarter their command staff, and in the lowest levels, prisoners of various stripes serve out their sentences in the lightless holes of Ehb's bleak dungeons.

Deep in the heart of the castle, there is one room which is not only hidden, but whose entry by anyone but the King or Queen carries with it an immediate penalty of death. The Chamber of Stars purportedly houses magical artifacts brought back from the War of Legions, whose enchantments were deemed too hazardous for mortals to behold.