After fighting one's way through desert creatures, dragons, and an undead army similar to Gresh's, but now with Giant Skeletons, along the path from Droog Village, one meets a rather aggictated fellow by the name of Lord Bolingar. He claims that he has just narrowly escaped from an army of brutal seck who have recently taken over Castle Ehb. He charges you to free King Konreid from the Castle Dungeon, offering to join you on your quest. Continuing onward, one finds the towering keep, and must face the danger within.


  • throne room
  • lift to dungeon
  • courtyard
  • walls
  • stable
  • labyrinth garden
  • barracks
  • great hall
  • bedrooms
  • chapel

Castle Ehb appears to have been a fully functioning castle. Complete with a moat and watch towers. The seck woud have had a difficult time breaching the castle by siege, so they assaulted from below, from the dungeon. ironically, no 'Dungeon Siege' could have taken place, as a siege involves cutting ones trapped enemies off from their supply lines, which is impossible to do from within a dungeon. Rather, the seck used their allies to besiege the towns all across Ehb, while they performed a dungeon assault. The evidence of their assault is found in the form of freshly mutilated corpses of the Legionaires who were guarding the castle. broken statues and bloody corpses litter every room, as well as slashed ornate paintings of knights fighting in ancient battles.

It is a sad scene of senseless destruction


  • Seck Grunt
  • Seck Archer
  • Seck Mage
  • Mucosa Raider

Seck warriors ambush enemies from out of nowhere, appearing in gouts of flame. Speedy Seck Grunts hound adventurers, making it difficult to dodge the deadly shafts of the Seck Archers. Seck Mages wield the powerful spell Flame Blades, burning those who oppose Gom's mighty Secks. The Seck fight like the adventurers, and are generally stronger. Only through superior tactics, and a careful rationing of potions is it possible to defeat them. Mucosas seek to overwhelm adventurers through sheer numbers, but are usually just an annoyance.


One may find reasonable high level equipment throughout the castle, such as battle plate, large kite shields, and various high level weapons. These are random drops looted from treasure chests, green crates, and dead enemies The Secks' Equipment (say that out loud) is powerful, but are generally too high level for most single player party members to utilize.

  • Seck Sword
  • Seck Bow
  • Seck Mage Staff

These grim weapons are truly a terror to behold, striking fear into the hearts of players and NPCs alike.

Castle Ehb also sports armor stands and weapon racks, the only usable ones found in Ehb.