Stormsong CavernEdit

Companion Notes
Lucas After freeing Lucas, tell him: "The Legion protects."
Anjali After freeing Anjali, tell her: "You Wanted justice."

Legion ChapterhouseEdit

Companion Notes
Lucas Tell Odo: "I'm skeptical"
Anjali Tell Odo: "I believe you."

Upper Raven's RillEdit

Companion Notes
Any Defeat Rajani
Lucas When choosing Rajani's fate, decide: "Let her carry a warning. Or decide: "Set her free."
Anjali Tell Rajani: "Anjali is a legionnaire." Or tell Rajani: "We're asking the questions."

Legion ChapterhouseEdit

Companion Notes
Lucas Tell Odo: "You're wrong" and then "We need more legionnaires."
Anjali Tell Odo: "I agree." and then "Let's go after Jeyne."

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