Archmage Of Valdis

The Archmage, one of the most powerful Cinbri on Aranna, second only to the Overmage

The Cinbri are an alien race from beyond Aranna, known to sustain themselves on magic. After the portal that they first came through was accidentally shut moments before the First Cataclysm, only six remained on the continent.


The Cinbri are humanoid. Their skin is usually pale, but at least one has been shown to have a tan complexion. Their face has large mandible-like protrusions that move along with their mouth as they speak. They appear to be mammals, as they have hair.


Arrival on Aranna Edit

The Cinbri first arrived on Aranna through a portal that had been opened by Zaramoth. They aided the foul Utgard tyrant's conquests during the First Age, seeking to control all magic on Aranna by capping the River of Souls, and channeling its energy through their city. One of the Cinbri accidentally closed the portal, however, barring his kind from reaching Aranna and stranding himself and at least five others on the Aranna side. These 'Dark Wizards' (as the people of Aranna called them) became feared beings, fading into legend. Four of them were understudies of the Archmage, who in turn served as an understudy to the Overmage, the one who had closed the portal; he now sought to reopen the gateway between worlds, and redeem himself.

These six were very powerful, ingesting voldane to further empower their already formidable abilities.

Dungeon Siege II Edit

Eventually, after many long centuries of preparation, the Overmage lured a young prince from the Northern Reaches named Valdis to Zaramoth's Horns. This fortress housed the Sword of Zaramoth, which the Dark Wizards had looked after since their previous master's death. Valdis took up the sword, and with the help of the Dark Wizards, came to rule over most of Aranna with an iron fist, convinced he was Zaramoth Reborn. All but one of the Cinbri left on Aranna would be slain by a descendant of Azunai the Defender, who were themselves but a pawn to the Overmage's scheme to bring another Endtime.

Broken World Edit

After the Second Cataclysm rocked Aranna, the Overmage's plan reached its culmination. He began channeling the pure magic of the Endtime to the heart of the Cinbri City, planning to reopen the portal. Before he could do so, however, he was defeated by the same heroes who had stopped Valdis. With his death, the Cinbri were gone from the face of Aranna.