Clockwork Posture is an item set that can be recovered during the Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna storyline. This is a four-piece set intended for rangers. The pieces are obtained in specific locations in the campaign world and in random drops in multiplayer mode.

Clockwork Posture Edit

ClockworkStaff Clockwork Staff
Damage: 90 to 110
Slower Attack Speed
Requires 24 Dexterity
Base Adds 1 to Ranged Skill
2 Items Adds 1 to Ranged Skill
3 Items Adds 2 to Ranged Skill
Complete Adds 2 to Ranged Skill
ClockworkBoots Clockwork Boots
Defense: 10
Requires 24 Dexterity
Base Adds 1 to Dexterity
2 Items Adds 2 to Dexterity
3 Items Adds 3 to Dexterity
Complete Adds 4 to Dexterity
Ds1 CommonAmulet Clockwork Amulet
Requires 25 Dexterity
Base Adds 15 to Health
2 Items Adds 20 to Health
3 Items Adds 30 to Health
Complete Adds 50 to Health
ClockworkCrossbow Clockwork Crossbow
Damage:75 to 85
Range: 15 Meters
Fast Attack Speed
Requires 22 Dexterity
Base Adds 5 to Ranged Damage
2 Items Adds 10 to Ranged Damage
2 Health Stolen Per Hit
3 Items Adds 15 to Ranged Damage
4 Health Stolen Per Hit
Complete Adds 20 to Ranged Damage
6 Health Stolen Per Hit


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