Crystwind is a Dwarven mining town located in the mountains west of Iliarth Falls, and south of the central breadbasket of the Utraean Peninsula.

The town serves as the second starting location available to characters in the multiplayer "Stones of Utrae" map for Dungeon Siege, requiring that they be level 5 or higher for them to begin there.

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Crystwind was founded to take advantage of the mineral wealth in the mountains of the south-central Utraean Peninsula. They supplied ore to the other towns throughout the kingdom, as well as the large crystals for which the town was named.

However, the mines have begun to run dry as of late, and the arid lands to the southeast encroach with each passing year. Soon after the Queen's death in Hiroth, the Krug invaded the Crystwind Mines, seeking escape from the increasingly hot weather in the region. They slew many of the local miners, and blocked access to the path to Fallraen through the Crystwind Old Mines.

The Utraean Historical Society eventually called for the unification of the eight townstones as a result of the madness that spread across the kingdom. The Crystwind Hammer Stone was passed down from family to family every few years, ensuring that it's exact location remained secret to all but a select few. Unfortunately, a sickness that had spread through the isolated community several years before had left no one alive with knowledge of who had last held the townstone. Trella Lauron discovered it under a pile of sacks within the mine, and is willing to part with it for a certain runic stone found in the Utraean ruins in the grasslands just outside of Crystwind.



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  • Crystwind can serve as an excellent starting point. It has quick access to high-level enemies in Iliarth Canyon, making leveling easy (for ranged characters).
  • On Veteran difficulty, very high-level items with the most arcane of enchantments can be found at Smith Jerena Strongblade; indeed much more powerful than "the rot you'll find elsewhere." Only when you hit Quillrabe will you start to see more powerful items.