The Crystwind Mines are a region in the Utraean Peninsula, the multiplayer world in Dungeon Siege.

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This large subterranean network links the towns of Elddim, Crystwind, and Fallraen, and is the optimal route for a player heading to Fallraen in the course of The Utraean Circle (Quest).

The mines were owned and operated by dwarves based in Crystwind. The town of Fallraen was their primary customer, and a large mechanism, the Mine Elevator, was constructed on the road to Fallraen to convey ore loads in that direction. No similar relationship appears to have been established with Elddim yet.

The Crystwind Mines is the precise name of that branch of the mine linking Crystwind and Elddim, and it is connected via hallway to the Crystwind Old Mines, the branch which links Crystwind with Fallraen. Within the Old Mines is the dwarven Miner's Haven, a fully-furnished and habitable complex.

The Legion's displacer platform in the Mines is quite close to town. However, a cave-in forces the party to make a long detour through the Miner's Haven in order to reach it. Spells with a large area of effect can unblock the tunnel; however, the Miner's Haven is worth the visit.

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A well-organized force of Krug including Guard and Commander units recently captured the mine and slew many dwarves. There are many indigenous, subterranean monsters encountered as well.


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