A Darkling

A Darkling is a creature encountered in Dungeon Siege.

General Edit

The Darkling is a small, black demon-like creature with deep red glowing eyes. It is uncertain exactly where Darklings come from, it has been suggested that they may have been summoned via a dark magic which communes with the unknown evil dimensions; or that Darklings are a representation and result of a deep evil aura which manifests itself in the creation of Darklings.

This hypothesis is backed up by the fact that they are found in the dark, cursed and dangerous areas of the world, including the deep mines of Crystwind and Glitterdelve, and the inner thicket of Redwood Gap and the Temple Ruin forest.

Combat & TacticsEdit

Darklings can be quite a challenge to new and experienced players at times. 

They lurk in the shadows, waiting for adventurers to tread on their area. At the proper moment,  Darklings only reveal themselves when an enemy is in range of their attacks in a shower od blue sparks. This makes predicting and memorizing spawn areas crucial.

The Darkling attacks by casting globes of electricity that track their targets, with surprising accuracy and speed. These globes can deal surprisingly high amounts of damage as well, which them a real threat in numbers as you can suddenly be hit by globes which you thought you dodged and have a large portion of your health taken away. The only saving grace here is that the Darkling is a weak thin creature which has a low amount of health so can be killed easily enough. The globes will be destroyed when they come into contact with a solid surface or after an amount of time. 

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