The Morden city of Darthrul

Darthrul is the city of the Morden, built atop the ancient Imperial ruins of Okaym. Directly to the north lie the Mines of Kaderak, while the Human city of Kalrathia sits to the southwest. The Morden Chief rules from Darthrul.

History Edit

Founding Edit

In the early 1200s, Valdis claimed the Sword of Zaramoth and created the Morden, marching his newborn army into the regions surrounding Zaramoth's Horns. It was in the following years that Darthrul was founded atop an ancient ruin from the time of the Empire of Stars, located in the eastern Plain of Tears. The Morden converted the ruins into a fortress-city, from which they dominated the area.

Dungeon Siege II Edit

After Valdis' army crushed the resistance at Snowbrook Haven, Morden from Darthrul marched to Kalrathia, and annexed the city. They cut off the water supply, placing a bloodthirsty Ganth to protect the source. The city's early attempts to return their water failed horribly, and it was not until a hero, carrying two fragments of the Shield of Azunai, came that they stood a chance.

When the water was returned to Kalrathia, the Morden leader stationed there quickly left to inform the Morden Chief in Darthrul. The hero and his companions soon followed suit, at the behest of Lord Kalrathia, in order to provide a distraction that would allow the Kalrathians to rebel against their Morden oppressors. The party assaulted the city, and slew the Morden Chief himself, bringing his head back to Kalrathia as a trophy.

Layout Edit

The city is divided into five districts, each corresponding to a different class in the Morden army:

  • The District of the Chief
  • The District of the Lance
  • The District of the Sword
  • The District of the Crossbow
  • The District of the Shield

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