Demlock's Cut was a geographical feature located in northeastern Utrae. It consists of a deep canyon surrounded by a temperate biome similar to that of Elddim or Stonebridge, but heavily steeped in magic. It is accessible by displacer, so the region likely the campus of the Tower of Kmethekt before the gouge was created. The deepest part of the Cut is known as Demlock's Ravine.

History Edit

Demlock's Cut was created after the Zaurasks' first attempt to destroy the Utraeans, when Demlock, the last of the great Utraean wizards, from the top of the Tower of Kmethekt, used all of his magical powers to summon massive thunderstorms as a last ditch effort to drown the many thousands of Zaurask that were swarming into the tower. He was subsequently hit square in the back by a Zaurask arrow, and he plummeted to his death from the top of the spire. His spell, however, did not end with his demise. The torrential rains continued to pour at an astronomical rate; drowning most of the Zaurask and saturating the soil with water. This effect had the negative effects of rendering the soil too unstable to support the huge tower, which slowly sank into the earth over time. The weakened stone and soil was easily eroded away by the flooding, eventually pounding out what now is Demlock's Cut. By the time Therg and the Hero of Arhok arrived, all that remained aboveground was the spire from which Demlock had cast his spell. To this day the wizard's spell remains in effect; perpetual rain continuing to fall from his conjured storm.

Gameplay Edit

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