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Found in Sikra's inventory when she is rescued and acquired as a follower.

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Just below the walls of Castle Ehb, a great blackened crack runs through the earth, marking the place where the worst of the Kingdom's criminals come to die. Given a sword, a bag of gold, and sometimes a shield, they are escorted to the mouth of the crevice. If they can defeat the five hundred year old dragon that lives within, they will be paroled to leave the Kingdom alive with all that they can carry out of the dragon's lair.

Only once in Kingdom history has anyone survived a bout with the dragon, escaping death on a technicality. Limping out of the hole with a fistful of gold, a scorched head of hair, and one eye, Hurggis Bogg had managed to slay a dragon--a four-day-old lame hatchling which he found by the entrance.

This tradition was begun by Karese Noanni, in an early effort to show solidarity with the native Droog in the Imperial Province, he publicly used the Rathe to punish a Legion soldier who had brutally attacked and murdered a Droog high priest. Later, the Kings and Queens of Ehb would adopt it as their own favored method of execution, allowing the prisoner the chance of escape in instances where the malfeasant's guilt was in some doubt.