Drevin is an Elf companion in Dungeon Siege II, and is only a member of the party during the first chapter of Act I, although he plays an important role in the greater story. He has some skill with melee weapons and nature magic.

Personality Edit

Drevin has a good head on his shoulders, thanks in no small part to the prophetic visions that he has had since birth, although some would consider him to be a bit too cautious. Battle excites him however, and reminiscing about past conquests over a pint of ale is his ideal.

Biography Edit

Dungeon Siege II Edit

Drevin was born and raised in Aman'lu. He and his best friend had many adventures together throughout their youth, and eventually set out to become mercenaries in the army of Valdis.

The two friends were soon deployed to Greilyn Isle, and participated together in the Siege of Greilyn Beach. Shortly beforehand, Drevin had disturbing visions of his own death, and sent a letter to his younger sister, Drianjul. They fought their way to the Temple of the Coast, but as they neared the Temple, Drevin grew increasingly uneasy. Realizing his death was near, Drevin entrusted his family's heirloom, an ancient medallion, to his best friend, making them promise not to let Valdis get his hands on it.

As Drevin had surmised, Valdis betrayed the mercenaries who fought for him, and personally slew the young Drevin, who used his own body as a shield in order to save his best friend.

Drevin's friend would vow to avenge his friend, and would later learn that they were both descendants of the Azunites, and that it was the blood of the ancient tribe's mystics that gave Drevin his prophetic visions. Upon the Hero's return to Aman'lu, Drianjul gave them the letter that Drevin had sent her months before. In time, the Hero would even learn that Drevin's medallion was actually the centerpiece of the Shield of Azunai, lost during the artifact's original forging -- the only reason it had shattered under the Sword of Zaramoth in the first place.

Companion Info Edit

Drevin begins in the player's party when they start a new game. Unlike other companions, he can't be removed from the party, and does not have a personal quest, as he is only a temporary companion.

Difficulty Levels
Mercenary 1 (1 Melee, 1 Nature Magic)

Trivia Edit

  • Like the rest of the companions in Dungeon Siege II, Drevin is a descendant of the Azunites.
  • Drevin's Medallion was given to his ancestor, Drevisil the Elder, by the Azunite Scholar.