The "Chicken Level" in Dungeon Siege is a secret level that can only be accessed after the player has finished the campaign of the Utraean Peninsula by gathering all the Townstones at the Utraean Circle in Hiroth and a section of the single player campaign in Ehb. (But can be done in multiplayer)

The Chicken Level does not play any part in Dungeon Siege Canon and instead is an easter egg to both celebrate your completion of the Utraean Peninsula Campaign and to give determined players something further to go for. Only one player is needed in order to access it but it is far easier, more enjoyable and better with two or more.

Level have name - Test of Gallus.


Items requiredEdit

Three items are required in order to gain access to the Chicken Level. You cannot enter the dungeon without these items.

Item LocationsEdit

Trial of GallusEdit

This requires that you have semi-completed the Utraean Peninsula campaign. You don't actually have to completely complete it, just get so close it's stupid to not complete it.

  1. Gather the Townstones and put them accordingly into the Utraean Circle in Hiroth.
  2. When you go down the elevator into the dungeon, you will find the corpse of a deceased person. Beside him will be a lorebook called "Trial of Gallus".
  3. Pick up the book.

The Trial of Gallus book has a description that hints as to the other items you need in order to get into the level:

Climb to the sky on the sunbaked mesa.
Give to the moon with the treble stones
Place down the eye of the crystal temple
Gift of steel from a virgin hand.
The final piece is within your grasp.
A leap of faith convenes his trial.
The sky on the sunbaked mesa is a location just outside of Quillrabe. The treble stones are obviously some kind of switch, in this case pressure plates. The eye of the crystal temple is a Fury eye. The gift of steel from a virgin hand is the knife you get when you first start. The leap of faith is related a later part of the secret level.

Fury EyeEdit

This is one of the hardest ones to find, but can be done alone in single player or multiplayer.

  1. Start at Jeriah's Trading Post in the Kingdom Of Ehb game. Enter the Crystal Caverns and find a hidden shrine mini-dungeon. It's right near the end of the Crystal Caverns and you need to take a hard right off the track when you approach a dual pillar arch when on the rock bridges. When playing in multiplayer, there is a resurrection shrine beside this arch.

    Rather than going under the arch, follow the arrows off to the right behind the shrine.

    Head inside. There are several places with multiple pressure plates that must be activated in order to open several doors.
  2. Eventually, you will come across a chest that contains the Fury's Eye. Pick up the eye and exit the game (If you are playing in single player, you must import your character into multiplayer)


The knife is probably one of the easier ones to get, however you require two computers in order to get it. The knife you need is the knife that you get as soon as you create a new character. It cannot be bought by any shopkeeper or merchant nor is it dropped by any monster.

  1. Start a multiplayer game with two people. Create a brand new character. The appearance and statistics are not important, you just want the knife.
  2. Start a game with another player and give them your knife, who will be going into the Chicken Dungeon.

Head to the levelEdit

With all three items in your inventory, it is highly advised that you stock up on at least a few potions. You should also clear your inventory of anything that you are absolutely sure you wont need. If you have a backpack, then it's twice as good. The amount of loot that you will pick up can fill up the inventory of three players (More so on higher difficulties.)

Head out from the gate at the bottom of Quillrabe and follow the river upstream. You should be going roughly east. Eventually, you'll come to a legionnaire guard near a signpost for Crystwind and Quillrabe. Somewhere around there is an elevator. Take that elevator up and continue all the way up the next one until you find a green Drake hanging out near a cliff wall.

If you have the Trial of Gallus book in your inventory, then a wall behind the Drake will come down and allow you to pass through. If you wish, you can kill the enemies here but it is not a requirement for entering the secret passage. Head through the opened wall section.

A message will appear "(Your character name) has entered the Forgotten Mesa". That means you have entered the correct area and are on your way. There are no enemies in this first section. Ride the elevators up and follow the path. You'll come to three pressure plates. Drop the Trial of Gallus book on one, the Fury eye on the next and the knife on the final. If a pressure plate does not go down, then swap it with another quest item.

WARNING! When you drop your items on the pressure plates and all three fit, they will all disappear and you cannot get them back without searching for the items again or reloading from a previously backed up character.

An elevator will come down. Step on and push the button to make it go up. You'll climb quite a height up here. The elevator will stop in mid-air, far from any platform or surface. However, if you look around, you'll see a cliff edge roughly at the same height as you. Despite the obvious lack of a visible path, your character is actually able to move across to the ground thanks to an invisible walkway. Head over and down into the small temple entrance. Another elevator here will take you underground into the main dungeon.


Despite the chasm, the editor reveals that it is indeed passable.

Welcome to the Trial of Gallus Secret Chicken Level!

The Secret Chicken LevelEdit

Inside here are several oversized white chickens. Be warned, these chickens can do a large of a lot of melee damage and can easily kill inexperienced players. It is highly suggested that you fight them one or two at a time.

In the middle will be a brown super chicken that is called Chris Taylor. He has a very powerful ranged magic attack which does significant damage and a slightly weaker melee attack that does more damage than the regular white chickens.

Once you defeat him and all the other chickens, a door will open near Chris Taylor. Head inside and you will find Colonel Norick.

Be advised that Colonel Norick - despite being very slow to walk - is able to an extremely large amount of damage. Melee fighters will find that he can easily remove a third of their health in a single strike. The best way to defeat him is to use ranged and magic attacks.

A melee fighter is still able to take down Norick provided that they are being healed by two or more mages. Armour and Stat boosts from spells are useful here.

Congratulations on completing the Trial of Gallus Secret Level!

Loot Edit

White Chickens: Edit

  • Potions of varying health and mana regens. (There is a small chance of rejuvenation potions)
  • High level yellow (Legendary) rank gear.
  • High level blue rank gear.
  • Players using the Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna expansion may also find set items.

Brown Chicken (Chris Taylor): Edit

  • Potions of varying health and mana regens. (There is a small chance of rejuvenation potions)
  • High level yellow (Legendary) rank gear
  • High level blue rank gear

Colonel Norick: Edit

  • Chicken Gun
  • High level yellow (Legendary) rank gear. Though this is programmed into Colonel Norick, there is a very small chance of anything being dropped.

Notes: Edit

  • Colonel Norick is named in reference to the character Norick from the Kingdom of Ehb campaign. It is likely that he was named in irony, as Norick is a weak old man who is the first recorded death in the campaign while Colonel Norick is considered the strongest enemy ever in the entire game.
  • The name of each chicken is a significant person at Gas Powered Games who worked on the game Dungeon Siege.

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