Hello! Welcome to the Dungeon Siege Wikia, a comprehensive Wikia which covers all of the released titles in the Dungeon Siege series, from the original release of Dungeon Siege right up to Dungeon Siege III as well as all of the expansions and titles inbetween!

At the moment, the wikia is sadly lacking in many pages which cover the material found in the games.

If your looking for information which can't be found here, the best thing to do is to contact the current Admin, Sadowson.

If your here to help cleanup what we do have, welcome! The best place to start is in the category of Pages Marked for Cleanup.

The Dungeon Siege Wikia is not affiliated with, owned by or connected to Gas Powered Games, Microsoft Games or Square Enix. All content provided on this Wikia is made available under the Creative Commons License.

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