The Earth Elemental is an enemy encountered at the end of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

Description Edit

These spirits were bound to a material existence by the elemental magic of the Great Clock. An immense Earth Elemental and two minions were compelled by the Shadowjumper to attack the Hero of Arhok, simply to buy time.

This creature is a massive bipedal amalgamation of rock and ore, a sort of elder brother to Rock Beasts. The elementals are of a far taller and heavier stature and have random ore deposits jutting out of their main bulk. The rock comprising the being seems able to magically re-morph itself as it moves and attacks. As one might expect of solid rock, it is sluggish but can deal a stupendous amount of damage when it lands a hit.

Combat Edit

The three Earth Elementals (one primal and two minions) have an innate attack multiplier which that may introduce piercing damage into their calculations, muddling the exact value of the damage listed above. The only thing that is abundantly clear is that the creatures can severely punish anything that enters their melee swing zone. But standing at range, they can deal wide-area damage with their upgraded rock beast spell, earth_elemental_blast.

The best strategy may be dependent on party composition, but if there is a member who can survive one of the master's melee attacks, it may be wise to put him on duty against the Earth Elemental while the rest of the party beans it at range or deals with the minions.

Treasure Edit


The elementals themselves yield no treasure, but they guard a chest called the "Elemental Earth Container" which has the following four items:

  • Random fighter armor coverage "of patience"
  • Random ranger coverage "of Old"
  • Random mage coverage "of Retaliation"
  • Random mage coverage "of Independence"