The Elddim Glade is the semi-wild green area just to the south of Elddim. It is a shortcut to Crystwind; however, newbie players usually won't be able to make it past the hordes of mid-level Krug that inhabit the area.

At the main gate, one can go west into the Elddim Lowlands, or continue south into the glade. Once the player goes up a flight of stairs, he/she will encounter a Krug camp and the southern entrance to Hovart's Folly. There is a displacer platform just outside of the entrance, and a small undead graveyard shortly beyond. Going through the Krug camp will lead one to a canyon.

If one deviates west from the path in this canyon, he/she will find a ransacked Empire of Stars fort; formerly owned by the 10th Legion and now occupied by Krug. Huskar the Shaman resides on top of the tallest tower, a reference to the tower in which Ordus' Axe was held. Going the normal way, along the path, leads the player through some Krug and straight on to the Crystwind Mines. There is a Health Shrine and a few outbuildings alongside the rails to the shaft. The mines are inhabited by many Krug, their dogs, rats, and a Rock Beast.

Elddim Glade is somewhat a crossroad, and can be used to travel to Crystwind, Elddim, Lang, or Hovart's Folly.

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