DS Flag

The flag used by the Empire's 10th Legion

The Empire of Stars was a mighty country that stretched across Aranna in the days before the First Cataclysm. It was the second-largest empire to ever exist , surpassed only by that of the ancient Utraeans. Its capital was Iliyara, which sat at the center of the lake known as the Chalice of the Stars, and housed the imposing Palace of Night, where the Stellar Emperors themselves lived.

These Stellar Emperors believed themselves to be descended from a race known as the Archons, who supposedly descended from the sky alongside the Creator Gods in ancient times. Empress Iansha, the first ruler of the Empire, was said to have been the child of an Archon and a tribal chief.

The Utgard conqueror, Zaramoth the Unmaker, was the last of the Stellar Emperors, and ruled in the final centuries of the Empire, until his fateful clash with Azunai the Defender.

The Empire was originally protected by four powerful legions, although this number would increase to fourteen with the passing of centuries. The 10th Legion was said to be the bravest and most loyal amongst them, founded after helping to reclaim the imperial throne from the traitorous 3rd Legion. For centuries, these legions maintained imperial control across the disparate holdings of the Empire. However, the devastating civil war known as the War of Legions, coupled with the ravages of the cataclysm, brought about the eventual doom of the Empire of Stars.

Iliyara Map

Iliyara, as depicted on a map of Aranna

Humans living in the modern-day Plain of Tears claimed to be descendants of imperial citizens, but the Elves believed that they instead hailed from Lescanza, suggesting that the Empire of Stars was destroyed so thoroughly that none survived. This proved untrue however, as the people of Ehb are known descendants of the Empire.

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