Fallraen is a snowy, alpine town located in the southern mountains of the Utraean Peninsula, near Mount Utrae.

The town serves as the third starting location available to characters in the multiplayer 'Stones of Utrae' map for Dungeon Siege, requiring that they be level 9 or higher for them to begin there.

History Edit

Fallraen is well-fortified against the dangerous creatures dwelling within the Fallraen Forest.

These creatures were emboldened by the whiteout conditions that struck the town soon after the Queen's death in Hiroth, and a group of Klaws even took over the Fallraen Barracks just outside the south gate. The Krug invasion of the Crystwind Old Mines and an unfortunate avalanche on the road through Fallraen Forest blocked the path to Crystwind for months, preventing them from receiving ore shipments to make armor and weapons with.

A few days before the Utraean Historical Society called for the unification of the eight townstones, the local member, Lagreth, left town, heading towards the swamp town of Lang. He had the Fallraen Snowflake Stone with him, and when he went missing, Utraean Apprentice Flessan wasn't sure what to do. As it turned out, Lagreth had gotten lost in a snowstorm, and fell victim to a pack of Furoks in a cave just north of town.

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