The Fire Elemental is an enemy encountered at the end of Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

Description Edit

These spirits were bound to a material existence by the elemental magic of the Great Clock. Two huge Fire Elementals were compelled by the Shadowjumper to attack the Hero of Arhok, simply to buy time.

This creature is a very tall, almost gangly biped composed of living fire. The fire elemental is in extreme dudgeon for its imprisonment and misuse and will attack.

Combat Edit

The two fire elementals can be drawn out one-by-one with a certain amount of care. These are probably the least difficult battles between the four elements, because even though their melee attacks hit hard, the fire elementals swing very slowly.

Treasure Edit


The elementals themselves yield no treasure, but they guard a chest called the "Elemental Fire Container" which has the following four items:

  • Rare melee weapon
  • Rare weapon
  • Unique ranged weapon
  • Unique staff