Giant Moth

A giant moth.

Giant Moths are an insect enemy faced in the early stages of Dungeon Siege.


Giant moths haunt the gloomy areas of the world, generally abandoned mines. Seeking light and shelter they are often found infesting mines as they offer both a light, warmth and shelter aspect which is ideally suited to their needs. One species, however, the Ice Moth, can be found around the town of Arhok.

Combat & TacticsEdit

The giant moth poses a moderate threat in combat, but is only really a danger when it is backed up by more of its kind or alongside scorpions and/or Darklings. The glowing yellow projectiles it sends at you are fairly slow so it is not impossible to dodge them but if you are bogged down and rooted in place attacking other foes you are likely to take a few hits from them. They are fairly weak but tend to come in three to fives which can be a little bit challenging if you are a new player. 

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