The Giant Rat is an animal enemy faced in the earlier stages of the game.


Rats which have surpassed their lesser kin in both size and agression, Giant Rats infest the outskirts of human habitation scavenging for anything to eat and when provoked will even attack humans. They like darker, dank and warm locations in which to live and breed, living next to any available food source (a miners haven for example) is a highly desirable option for them and as they are capable of breeding quickly they can soon become a nuisance for both their aggressive nature and the fact they often carry disease. 

Combat & TacticsEdit

Giant Rats are surprisingly powerful for early game enemies and can kill lower level or more fragile parrty members and players. They attack by biting and tearing at their foes, this attack can be repeated fairly quickly which can pose a real problem, especially if you are engaged with other foes. They are often found in small numbers between two and six and move fairly quickly towards their target so it is unlikely that ranged attacks will be able to take them down before they reach you. They also have a high help range which means that attempting to pull single rats is a risky and often unsuccessful venture as most of their kind will join the spotter in their attacks. 

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