The snowy mountain town of Glacern

Glacern is a town located high in the northern mountains of the kingdom of Ehb, near where the Green Range collides with Frostspire Mountain.

History Edit

Early explorers discovered a mysterious humanoid statue in the area emblazoned with a nameplate that read 'Glacern', and realized that the native Droog and Krug refused to approach it. Because of this natural protection, the town of Glacern was built around the statue.

When fortifications were completed at Frostspire Pass in 935, the 10th Legion's base of operations moved to nearby Glacern. Legionnaires who are on leave from patrol duty in the Alpine Caverns and Subterranean River to the north of town often spend their time drinking at the Lucky Hurggis Inn.

Glacern Gate

Glacern's south gate

Ibsen Yamas led a successful defense of the town during the Affair of the Goblin Pretender, driving back Goblin raiders who were trying to sneak past Glacern and enter the eastern kingdom. By the time of the Seck Resurgence, Yamas had retired from active duty as a Legionnaire, and become the Overseer of Glacern, coordinating the 10th Legion's efforts throughout western Ehb. The disappearance of Grand Mage Merik, and the Krug invasion in the farmlands to the south, kept him more than busy during this period. The future Lady Montbarron and her companions reported to him before beginning their hunt for the missing Merik.

Legionnaires would often stay at Ada Riverstarn's house when the inn was full. Her house had a cellar which led to a natural cave with a creepy red glow, which emerged onto a snowy ledge home to two Furok Slashers. It is possible that prisoners are thrown in her cellar, and executions are done by the Furoks.

Shops Edit

Onoc's Magicatorium sits at the center of town, directly behind the mysterious statue of Glacern, and serves as a resource for spells, potions, magic items, and books. A resurrection shrine stands in the middle of the shop.

The Lucky Hurggis Inn is named for Hurggis Bogg, the only criminal sentenced to execution within Dragon's Rathe to have survived. It is a cozy place, kept warm for the various travelers and off-duty legionnaires by a large fireplace. Overseer Ibsen Yamas frequents the establishment.

The Molten Iron Smithery is just north of the Magicatorium and the Inn, and is known for it's well-made weapons and armor, although they are usually backlogged with orders made by the 10th Legion.

The Frozen Yak Corral stands just south of Glacern's north gate. It offers pack mules for sale to travelers headed south to Glitterdelve, or north to the Alpine Caverns.