The Gray Wolf is an animal enemy faced in the earlier stages of Dungeon Siege. The other wolves, in ascending order of strength, are:


The Gray Wolf is a common predatory creature that inhabits the low-lying woods and farmlands of both the Kingdom of Ehb and the Utraean Peninsula. They are about the same size as a domestic dog but are clearly distinguishable from their cousins by their lighter eye colour and pronounced teeth and jaws. They make their presence known by growling menacingly at the player.

Combat and TacticsEdit

The Gray Wolf is almost always found in packs of its own kind, ranging anywhere from two wolves to nine or possibly ten, if enough are disturbed along a path. They use their powerful jaws and sharp teeth to bite the player, and when acting in concert against a solitary target, they can generate a storm of damage.

The Gray wolf is very much an ambush enemy; they often lurk in thick brush and bushes waiting for prey to come near enough. One must be careful when a pack is alerted to your presence, as it is likely that more wolves lay in wait up ahead. If you alert too many you can quickly be overwhelmed by their numbers.

Gray Wolf

Attack stance

  • It is advisable to turn your player/party movement settings to engage rather than move freely as if any ambushes are triggered your characters will not charge ahead and trigger more.
  • Wolves seem to take a few steps towards the player, pause for a second and continue their pursuit, use this time to capitalise on ranged attacks and magic attacks.