Grenades are small, usually-handheld spherical devices filled with explosive chemicals, designed to produce an explosion after a fuse is activated. They were widely used by the Goblins in their war machines, as well as by adventurers who salvaged their equipment.

Gameplay Edit

Grenades can be attained by players in two ways:

  • be a combat mage, where different grenade spells are unlocked at levels 3, 60, and 96.
  • acquire a Grenade Launcher from a Gobbot Grenadier

Grenades are one of the few objects in Dungeon Siege to have their own physics, and skilled players can exploit this to achieve the longest weapon ranges possible without cheating. All grenades in the game explode on contact with enemies, further increasing their usefulness. Due to their area of effect, grenades are deadly against swarms of weak hostiles.

Other uses Edit

  • Their area of effect also applies to containers, removing much of the tedium of looting by destroying all containers in one shot.
  • They can blast apart certain solid formations, such as the rockslide in the Crystwind Old Mines and trap-stalagmites in ice caves.
  • Though difficult, grenades' AoE damage can be used to destroy Pixies and Fairies to prevent the Missing Terrain Glitch.
  • The lit fuse can be used as a thrown candlelight in very dark areas such the Pit of Despair.

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