Grescal is a small village located around an oasis in the Endless Dunes, at the far southern end of the Utraean Peninsula.

The town serves as the eight and final starting location available to characters in the multiplayer 'Stones of Utrae' map for Dungeon Siege, requiring that they be level 50 or higher for them to begin there. In Veteran mode, this increases to level 80; and in Elite mode, to level 99.

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Founded by hermits and bandits sentenced to death in the Endless Dunes, Grescal is little more than a collection of six tents, as well as a H.U.B. platform on the southwestern edge of town. Travel north to Hiroth is dangerous, and few are willing to brave the trip, let alone survive it. Legends of two Lost Pyramids lying in the nearby desert have been told for generations, but none have ever found them.

After the death of the Queen of Hiroth, a horrible drought fell over the already arid lands surrounding Grescal, causing the oasis at the heart of the village to shrink. Soon after the call to unite the eight townstones arrived from the Utraean Historical Society, the Stone Guardian was found with his throat slit, and the Grescal Palm Stone was stolen, taken by "something" in the ruined Utraean temple just north of town. A group of adventurers would eventually retrieve it from a hidden chamber deep within the ruins. Also hidden within the ruins was a water reserve, complete with fish.

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Navigating the town is easy enough; one travels between the two oases to get from one tent-cluster to another. The smithy is located in the southwestern part of town, near the H.U.B, and with a red tent, while the potion shop is in the northeast corner, near the ruins, and with a purple tent. There is a surprisingly varied number of activities one can do in the barren wasteland. Within the town itself, one can find the most powerful items for his/her world level. North in the Ruins are high-level monsters and four treasure chests that can hold powerful items. If one goes southwest, the Pyramids can be entered, and the Volcanic Caverns cleared. To the west, one can go to Hiroth via the Mausoleum, or the Mesa Desert.





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