Guard Captain and Elias the Butcher

The Guard Captain of Elddim (left) standing in front of Elias the Butcher's pigpen

The Guard Captain of Elddim is the leader of the 2nd Legion troops stationed in Elddim, in the Utraean Peninsula. He can be found beside Elias the Butcher, in front of Elias' pigpen.

The captain sends adventurers to retrieve the Gavel of Convening from the Ancient Crypt east of town, in order to summon the undead Lord Hovart within the underground fortress of Hovart's Folly. To help with their hunt, he gives them Guard Relran's Journal.

When Hovart is defeated, the captain rewards the foul nobleman's slayers with 500 gold pieces, and thanks them for saving the town from Hovart's undead hordes.

With the return of the Maljin, the captain rallied a defense of Elddim, believing that the red fog that had fallen over the land was cover for an invasion. He tells anyone on the street to get inside for safety, or grab a weapon and help guard the town.