A pair of Hak'u

The Hak'u are a tribal race of impish humanoids native to Greilyn Isle.

Appearance Edit

Hak'u are short creatures, generally standing to just below shoulder height on the average Human man. Their heads are disproportionately large for their bodies, and often feature bulging yellow eyes. Hak'u usually have blue skin, though there are a few who are known to possess red skin.

History Edit

The Hak'u and the Dryads Edit

It is unknown what kind of relationship that the Hak'u had with the Sea-Elves of Greilyn, or if they even existed before the First Cataclysm, but when the Dryads arrived on the island, the two races lived in relative harmony for decades.

When Elves came to Greilyn Isle from the mainland, they tried to recruit the Hak'u and their neighbors as protectors of the Temple of the Coast, which housed the Aegis of Life. While the Dryads agreed to take up the duty, the Hak'u refused, telling the Elves to defend the ancient ruin themselves. This initial disagreement would spoil relations between the Hak'u and the Dryads for many long centuries afterwards, a rift that only widened after the Dryads left the jungles to live in the city of Eirulan. At some point, the Hak'u even set fire to this treetop sanctuary, although it is not known whether this was an accident or not.

Dungeon Siege II Edit

As part of his plan to invade Greilyn Isle, the Human tyrant, Valdis, allied himself with a warmongering Hak'u priest, who usurped the peaceful High Priest, and drove the various tribes to attack their Dryad neighbors. A mercenary, who Valdis had earlier betrayed at the Temple of the Coast, helped the High Priest reclaim his position from the Usurper.

The High Priest's son, Hrawn, became friends with a young Dryad named Tanzi, and together, they pushed to mend relations between their two races.

Broken World Edit

Unfortunately, the Second Cataclysm struck soon after, and Greilyn Isle sank beneath the waves. Many of the Hak'u and Dryads escaped to the mainland together, but things began to grow tense once again. This briefly rekindled friendship shattered when Hak'u, converted into bound creatures by the recently-returned Familiar Surgeons, attacked the Dryad Outpost, slaughtering everything in their path. Even the cheerful Hrawn fell victim to the Familiars, and butchered Tanzi in cold-blood, right before her mother's eyes, only moments before he himself was slain by Warden Celia's sentinels.

Bound Hak'u would terrorize the wilderness surrounding the Dryad Outpost for some time afterward.

Throne of Agony Edit

Some Hak'u were present on the archipelago known as the Broken Lands, which lay far to the north of Greilyn. It is unknown how they traveled so far with their race's relatively primitive technology, but they were plentiful in the jungles of the Bloodmist Isles several years after the Second Cataclysm.

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