The Helios Utrae Basilicus, or H.U.B., is a transportation system created by the Utraeans. It is capable of linking two distant places in very little time, as long as there is a H.U.B. pad at that location. The ability of these platforms to teleport over such great distances has led to some calling them "Displacers".

Displacer Systems Edit

There are 2 different H.U.B. systems, one in the Utraean Peninsula, & one on the isle of Utrae.

Utraean Peninsula Edit

The Utraean Peninsula's main hub is the "B" in H.U.B., the Basilicus.This system connects the eight townstone towns. This system's Displacer platforms are round & black, with a surface that resembles marble; they have a star-shaped base, lined by columns around the back. This system is connected to the mysterious Utraean Circle at the heart of Hiroth, which is said to hide a great secret.

The 10th Legion imperfectly copied the design and technology of this system to create a fast, squared, and relatively unsafe system of Displacers, calibrated from the forward location, and transportable to the corresponding Displacer tower.

Isle of Utrae Edit

The Isle's main hub is a ground-based H.U.B. center, located within the ancient city of Jherkal's Crown. This system's Displacer platforms are square, and look similar to the Legion Displacers of the Utraean Peninsula; they are greenish-brown in color, and have a compass symbol in the middle. The Displacers also don't read 'Helios Utrae Basilicus' around their center.


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