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The Helios Utrae Basilicus, or H.U.B., is a transportation system created by the Utraeans. It is capable of reaching places in very little time, as long as there is a H.U.B. pad at that location. There are 2 different H.U.B. systems, one in the Utraean Peninsula, & one throughout the Utraean Isles.The first one's main hub is the "B" in H.U.B., the Basilicus.The system connects the 8 townstone towns: Elddim, Crystwind, Fallraen, Meren, Lang, Quillrabe, Hiroth, & Grescal. This system's platforms are round & black, with a marbleized surface. They have a star-shaped base, with columns around the back. This system is related to the Utraean Circle, in Hiroth. The 10th Legion imperfectly copied the design & technology, & created a fast, squared, & relatively unsafe system of displacers, calibrated from the forward location, & transportable to the corresponding displacer tower.

The system in the Isle differs a lot. First off, the displacers are square, like the Legion displacers.They also have a ground-based H.U.B. center, at Jherkal's Crown. The illustrated design is also different; they're greenish brown, have a compass symbol in the middle, & they don't say Helios Utrae Basilicus around the center.There are at least 12 activatable displacers on the Isle and in Ehb.

Locations of Legion DisplacersEdit

  • Elddim Glade (Elddim)
  • Iliarth Divide (Elddim)
  • Crystwind Old Mines (Crystwind)
  • Mt.Utrae Forest (Fallraen)
  • Crystal Caverns (Fallraen)
  • Cloud Forest (Meren)
  • Goblin Warrens (Lang)
  • Redwood Gap (Lang)
  • There isn't any tower near Quillrabe.
  • Mesa Desert (Hiroth)
  • There isn't any tower near Grescal.

Locations of Displacers on the Utraean IslesEdit

  • Arhok (3)
  • Storage Cave (1)
  • Halls of the Lost (2)
  • Island Beach (1)
  • Fen of the Frozen (1)
  • Halls of Cicatrix (1)
  • Jherkal's Crown (1)
  • Tower of Kmethekt (2)
  • Demlock's Cut (1)
  • Zaurask Stronghold (1)
  • Mt. Kreth (1)
  • Great Clock (1)

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