The Hiroth Mausoleum is a dungeon underneath Castle Hiroth, in the Utraean Peninsula campaign.

Description Edit

The mausoleum under Castle Hiroth is a ring of elegant marble chambers containing memorials and artwork. As with the castle upstairs, it is a place of gloomy beauty.

The mausoleum is connected to the castle's ground floor by a staircase on its west side, and on the east, it connects to the Mesa Desert via tunnel. The area is infested with copious undead fiends and mucosae.

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Inhabitants Edit

History Edit

In times past, criminals were ejected out of the Mausoleum's desert exit and sentenced to die in the Endless Dunes. The mausoleum's appointments suggest it was used as a museum at least as much as a crypt, and it may have lent itself to ceremonial and criminal justice functions as well. In events leading up to the call for the assembly of the townstones, Castle Hiroth was overrun with undead and the Mausoleum was flooded. The wrathful spirits of exiled criminals could have been among the invaders.

Before the Legion pulled him out, the curator of the Mausoleum, a dwarf named Scrundy, reported that creatures were vandalizing the place. Much to the skepticism of Hiroth's soldiers, the Marked of Azunai targeted the mausoleum as a route to Grescal. Battling the undead room-to-room, they rendered the mausoleum safe again.

The adventurers found the mausoleum largely intact, but with severe water damage and signs of violence towards the cinerary vases and statues. There were some new statues, as well: an ill-fated legion expedition had sustained some petrifying gaze attacks.

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