Found in Ulora's inventory when she is acquired as a party member.

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Carrying with them the written testaments of a dozen generations of faithful, Azunai's followers first appeared in the Agallan Peaks over two centuries before the founding of the Empire of Stars.

Shrines to the Eternal Passion began to dot Legionary routes as early as the 7th Century, offering free food and lodging to weary travelers willing to hear sermons on the deeds of Azunai. Within a hundred years of its introduction, over sixty villages in the Empire supported thriving communities of devout Azunite worshippers.

The simple Azunite doctrine of worldly rewards for hard labor was far easier to understand than the abstract, often unrewarding worship of the distant Stellar Emperors. Followers had only to profess a belief in the strength of The Defender and pass formally beneath his sacred shield, and they were accepted as a member of his clan.

It is believed that rare offspring of devout Azunite worshippers are 'Marked with fire' in secret ceremonies. Those children have been known to receive mortal wounds only to be resurrected by simple passage beneath the sacred shield.