Humans are the most common race living in Aranna. They form up several different factions across the continent and a few times in history, they have been divided and fought amongst each other. Nevertheless, humans in Aranna generally stick together under a single banner.


Since the dawn of Humanity, it has been widely accepted that humans have the yearning for constant exploration of unknown territory and ability to construct towns absolutely anywhere, even in completely remote locations such as Arhok in Northern Aranna.

Humanity played a major part in the Empire of Stars, the majority of the legions being made up of humans. The 10th Legion consisted of almost entirely humans. This was mostly because by this time, humanity formed the majority of the intelligent population of Aranna.

A human female, Leona, as she appears in Dungeon Siege III

Humanity is also recorded as having the inept ability to "just simply not bloody die" by the Seck during the fall of the Empire of Stars. During the fall, the 10th Legion retreated to Ehb and the Utraean Peninsula to reinforce it and to all themselves a place to survive in. (Although in both countries, they officially were cotrolled by different leaders - The king of Ehb and the king of the Utraean Peninsula) Humanities ability to survive in any situation is awarded them the title of the inheritors of that which the extinct races left behind such as the dwarfs by the events of Dungeon Siege III.

Note: The origins of Humanity have been disputed between two different possiblities. One of these versions is not true but it is unknown which it is due to extreme support for both sides.


Unlike the other races, it is actually completely unknown where humanity sprung from on the continent of Aranna. There are two sources which both have strong leads. The first suggests that they were descendents of a outcast elf and the second suggests they were first created by the old Creator Gods.

Both versions clearly contradict each other and unless further light can be spread upon this, it is up to the reader to believe where they came from.

Elven VersionEdit

Elven lore says that the first humans were the offspring of an elf who was cast out of his home town of Aman'lu. After fleeing into the eastern mountains, the elf was cursed by elven mages and was forced to take upon a deformed elven look. Specifically, his skin tone changed and his ears lost their point. Although this would be an alien appearance to the Elves, it would generally become the accepted form of humans.

This version of humanity's origins is by far the most logical. There are many ancient elven ruins which predate the earliest ruins of human structures so it is logical to assume that by one method or another, humanity definately came after the elves. Ruins of the Utraeans also predate human ruins.

The Elven version is explained in Dungeon Siege II.

Creator Gods VersionEdit

The other version of humanities existence extends back towards the coming of the Creator Gods. Orginally, the Creator Gods fell to the earth from another world and "created" this new one, the continent of Aranna. The beasts they created had the ability to change form whenever they pleased or whenever it suited their needs. It caused issues with control and as such, they created humans to control the beasts and force them to take static, physical shapes. As such, this would effectively make Humans the oldest race in Aranna - even older than the elves.

The problem with the Creator Gods version is that there is less proof in it than there is in the version of the Elven Lore. While it is quite possible that older human ruins have not yet been discovered, it is quite possible that there is a historical glitch here and that the Creator Gods did not create humanity, instead they created the elves. Although this is all theory based on given facts.

Another great difficulty in proving the Creator Gods version is the fact that the Creator Gods all died. One Creator God died and his seed was placed in the Mornweald (Now called the Mournweald after Jayn Kassynders final battle against the Lord Hugh Montbarron and the Legion), another Creator God called Nagog died and his seed was placed in the Swamps in what would soon be the future kingdom of Ehb. The First people, who are human, looked after Nagog and when before Nagog died, he gifted the First People the "Heart of Nagog" for their kindness towards him.


Despite how powerful the evidence that supports the Elven version is, there is strong evidence to support the Creator Gods Version however, as the Creator Gods were followed by the Archons - their servants, heralds and Messengers. Since several Archons still existed by the time of the events of Dungeon Siege III, it is possible that they know the true history.


It is unknown who Humans worshipped in the time before the Battle of the Plain of Tears. However afterwards, two churchs were established to Azunai the Defender and a lesser Xeria.

Azunai was a human who as a child, enjoyed jumping through a geyser connected to the River of Souls. The inbued majic gave him phenominal strength and allowed him to lead a rebellion against Zaramoth and his army. When Azunai's shield hit Zaramoth's Sword, it sent a shockwave of devastating strength across the battlefield, killing everyone and ripping their souls from their bodies, forcing them to rush into the River of Souls and making it overflow.

It is unusual that the people of Aranna would worship a man who died upon the battlefield. However it seems more likely that they believe that rather than dying, Azunai ascended to Godhood for his efforts and beliefs. While records do say that everyone on the battlefield was annihilated, there is no evidence to suggest that Azunai, with his extreme magic strength, was unable to survive the shockwave by hiding behind his immense shield.

While humanity clearly acknowledges the existence of the Creator Gods, there is no evidence to support that they worship them.

Playable CharactersEdit

In Dungeon Siege I, II and III, humans remain as the sole playable characters across all campaigns. They are the only playable characters in Dungeon Siege I campaign and Dungeon Siege III, aside from Anjali.

In Dungeon Siege I and II, the player is allowed to customise the looks of their character however they want, changing the gender, clothes, face, skin colour and hairstyle and hair colour. The ability to change clothes in Dungeon Siege II was removed due to it being unnessecary as the player would never really see their underclothes for very long, if ever at all. The players name can also be changed to whatever they want, however this complexity makes all NPC's incapable of mentioning their name or gender. The extent of customization in Dungeon Siege III is limited to the selection of predetermined characters: Lucas Montbarron, Reinhart and Katarina. However unlike Dungeon Siege I and II, the player's name is now able to be referenced through chat with NPC's.

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