Huskar the Shaman is a miniboss Krug in Dungeon Siege. He is the strongest magic-user encountered among the Krug and likely the leader of the Shaman caste and their Apprentices.

General Edit

Huskar wears more luxurious attire than other Krug shamans: a purple robe with a golden belt and a necklace with a rosy gemstone, and a Weathered Staff; these trappings mark him, for what it's worth, as a Krug of distinction. Like his Shaman colleagues he favors the Fireshot spell. When an enemy gets too close, he will switch to melee combat just as they do.

Rather than use his staff Huskar will draw a melee weapon from his inventory if one was randomly-generated for his treasure pile. He is nevertheless quite effective with it— perhaps even more so than with his spell.

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Huskar The Shaman

Huskar the Shaman

  • Despite being a mage, Huskar will carry a magic two-handed weapon instead of a staff on Utraean Peninsula Veteran.