Iliarth Divide is a region on the Utraean Peninsula, the multiplayer world in Dungeon Siege. Though small, Iliarth Divide is something of a crossroad: one can travel west to Iliarth Valley, east to Iliarth Falls and the canyon cutting to Crystwind and Quillrabe, further north to the Great Northern Forest, southeast through the Ancient Crypt cave entry, or near to that, take a Legion-built Displacer to the outskirts of Elddim.

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History Edit

"Iliarth Divide" refers to a temperate highland zone that bounds the eastern end of the Iliarth Valley. The Iliarth River cuts through this area in a deep gorge. The long road & river course from the central town of Elddim proceeds in this order: Iliarth Valley, Iliarth Divide, Iliarth Falls, Iliarth Canyon, Quillrabe Canyons, Mesa Desert.

The Divide was sparsely populated; the terrain is fertile but broken, and much of the solid ground is high above the water table. The region was occupied by spillage from the Great Northern Forest: namely Krug and their dogs, who set up two separate campsites along the road. Animated by the sudden activity of Lord Hovart, some undead wandered out of the Ancient Crypts.

The Legion deployed two guards in the area to watch the two rope bridges and the mechanical lift carrying travelers into and out of the river gorge. These assets had to remain in working order to sustain communication and trade between Elddim and Crystwind.

Foes Edit

The region is accessible to characters leveled 0-2, with diverse foes comprising Krug, wildlife, and bottom-tier Skeletons. A miniboss Phrak Piercer, the Phrak Ballista, lurks in the trees. From easiest to most difficult:

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