The sorceress Jharmaya, wearing flimsy brigandine armor

Jharmaya is a Utraean sorceress, and possible companion in Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna.

As a Companion Edit

Jharmaya is the ninth companion encountered. She can be found standing outside the Central Transportation Center in the ruined city of Jherkal's Crown. She is incredibly skilled with nature magic when first recruited.

Biography Edit

Jharmaya was one of Therg the Historian's workers in his excavation of the Underground City of Mhakesha. She and her partner, Algher Mhankur, uncovered the Stone of Lhaoc within the ruins, but were waylaid by Hassat, who took the ancient artifact. Soon after, the pair spotted the evil being known as the Shadowjumper making his way through the city. Jharmaya, not being content to sit and wait for the end, quit, and chased after the Hassat and the Shadowjumper.

She tracked them all the way to the ruined capital of Jherkal's Crown, and spotted the Shadowjumper disappear into the Central Transportation Center only moments before encountering the party of the Hero of Arhok, which included her old partner, Algher. She joined them so that they could stop the Shadowjumper together, and save her people, and all of Aranna.